A Subtle Taste of India and Bangladesh

India is a vast country with a great variation in climate and terrain, each of its may regions boasts its own special style and flavour of cooking, just as each has its own quite different language and custom, for example, in Kashmir, which lies to the north, it will be mild and saffron will feature in the preparation. In Uttar Pradesh, which includes the foothills of the Himalayas, it will be simple with a subtle delicate taste. In Delhi and Haryana, it will be made in the exotic Mogul style, rich and creamy, in the south of India. In Tamil Nadu, the same dish will become spicy and aromatic, for this is the major spice growing area. However, the whole country shares a common appreciation of the subtle spices and seasonings which makes Indian food so distinctive. At the bottom of the Himalaya mountains lies a country called Bangladesh. It was called East Pakistan until the late 1950’s. Bangladesh has its own unique customs and tastes, which we have introduced to our mouth watering menu.

After carefully selecting special dishes from every region of India and Bangladesh for our main menu, our master chef can also present you with different regional variation. In this way Himalaya Restaurant will enable you to sample the richly varied cuisine of India and Bangladesh to the full.

Above all, we would like you to enjoy your visit to Himalaya and assure you that your comfort and culinary satisfaction are of utmost importance to us.

N.B. Some of our dishes contain nuts. If you suffer from nut allergy or any other allergy, please let us know before placing your order.

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