Indian wines

Why not try some of our traditional Indian and Bangladeshi Lacci and Chefs homemade drinks. Our drinks are the perfect compliment to enhance your meal to give you the unique Indian taste.

Wine has been known in India since prehistory, artefacts of the great Indus Civilisation, from the time of the Egyptian Pharos, have indicated its use. It was associated with Indus, the Warrior God and most popular deity of the Hindu Patheon. It was named Soma and was drunk at Religious festivals.

Wines have been mentioned in Indian poetry fro many centuries, the most famous being the verses of the renowned master Omar Khayam in his celebrated Rubaiyat (1048 – 1131). The exquisite dishes in Indian cuisine offered at Himalaya are flavoured with no less subtlety and restraint than many items found on European gourmet menus, and as such may be successfully married with good wines. At Himalaya we have a wide range of wines, carefully selected to compliment the beautifully flavoured and delicately spiced dishes of India.

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